“Grow In the Grace of Knowledge and Truth”

The bottom of page 93-94

This quote stuck out to me the most because I feel as if everyone still needs to be educated on history that is often swept under the rug. “You learn something different everyday” is another way to put this. People in today’s society sometimes make up their own history, especially when it comes to the African American history. What surprised me right after this quote happen to be another quote. “ Slavery has always sought to hide itself under different names”. It shows that people try and “ Sugar Coat” what the actual reality of it is. I find that the most challenging thing about reading this section and reading the quotes I have defined is that, others still look at African Americans as slaves. There is a lot of hate still in Virgina when it comes to our history. We have had riots, vandalism, and marches in richmond for the past five years and none of the marches have educated anyone. It has just been Hate Marches. Being the fact that this book gives you insight on the history of Virginia. For the ones who read the book can educate others and teach others what the History Textbook does not.