The Art of Digital Storytelling

The first digital story that I focused on was the one about Harvey Milk. I feel that through this video I learned a lot about both Harvey Milk and the Castro street community. From a video perspective I feel like it had both strong and very weak aspects. The beginning drew in my attention and I liked that my eyes had something to follow, but as it went on it became more disorganized. The story started getting harder to follow and understand when the second voice started narrating. The volume levels of the two sections did not match, making me miss part of the story as I adjusted the volume. There was also a part of the video where the pictures and audio didn’t line up; in the section they were talking about Milk’s life, but they were showing newspaper articles about his death. And then at the end the absence of visual content confused me and pulled my thoughts away from the story being told. I was unsure if it was a creative choice by the students or if something was broken. As I create my digital story, I would like to include matching visuals to my audio throughout the entirety of the video, this way it is engaging and easier to follow.

The other digital story that I want to comment on was Sitting Pretty: Benches of Hollywood Cemetery. I feel as though the content within the story was matched accurately with the video which I really liked because it gave the content more depth. I also enjoyed the mixture between self taken videos and authentic pictures from the cemetery’s history. Her voice was calm and clear making it easy to listen and pay attention, I hope to sound similar when I create my digital story. The transitions between the different content areas in her script were smooth and not forced and this also goes for the visuals she used. Although I can’t say I found this story particularly interesting, I did feel like it was engaging and that I learned a little more about the benches in Hollywood Cemetery.


Digital Storytelling Done Right?


Description is Key

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  1. Kayla Schiltz

    I believe that adding our own self-taken videos and photos will add a nice personal aspect to our story. Do you know what the fine-line between too much or too little personal aspects to telling our story for this class?

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