Perferred Browser

UPDATE: This particular issue was caused by copying from Word into the Test Editor. Blackboard recommends the following:  Display issues(especially with Internet Explorer) are usually a result of bad/invalid HTML in the content(in this case, the test). Some browsers(such as Firefox) are more forgiving than others when it comes to this. This can happen when the questions/content in the test have been copied and pasted, bringing in the unwanted HTML, and background code from the source(such as Microsoft Word). After which, Blackboard adds its own HTML and background code, and a variety of issues ensue. Going to the questions, and selecting Edit, you can look by using the toggle HTML Source Mode icon(<>) in the text editor. When unwanted HTML is found, follow these steps to “clean” the text. Toggle it back to display the text, Select All, and cut. Paste into Notepad(or EditPad, EditPadLite), and then copy and paste back into the text editor. Submit.

We are currently working with Blackboard on an issue with taking assessments in Blackboard. When taking an assessment in Safari or Internet Explorer, the entire assessment might not be visible to the student. We are recommending students use Firefox when taking an assessment until this issue is resolved by Blackboard. It is a good practice to try multiple browsers if you experience a problem to eliminate the browser as the source of the problem. As always, if you need support please contact or call 287-6860 (M-F, 8:30 – 5). Will update this post as soon as we are provided a solution from Blackboard.



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