Upcoming Changes for Accessing UR Blackboard from Mobile Devices


Blackboard Inc. has decided to discontinue the (no-cost) version of the Blackboard Mobile™ Learn system that currently allows Apple iOS device users with wi-fi and Sprint cellular device users to access the UR Blackboard system via an app from the Apple App Store and the Amazon Marketplace, respectively.

There will be a new “Personal License” option available in mid-September, and it will allow students and instructors to purchase access to the app on iOS and Android devices only, and it will allow both wi-fi and cellular data access. End users will be able to choose between two different introductory pricing options: $1.99 per year or a one-time fee of $5.99.

If one subscribes to the Blackboard Mobile™ Learn app, University of Richmond faculty and students can access the UR Blackboard system with the ability to:
• Access courses and organizations on a mobile device.
• Check timely announcements.
• Access grading information.
• Participate in discussions, wikis, and blogs.
• Read course documents and course materials.
• Create content and upload media as attachments to blogs, journals and discussions


  1. Please note that Information Services makes no recommendation for the university community to purchase personal licenses (see disclaimer section below). In fact, if you have a tablet (such as iPads and Android tablets), you can gain access to UR Blackboard through the device’s web browser without the mobile application.
  2. If one chooses to purchase the new personal license option and gain access to the UR Blackboard system, our recommendation is for you to disallow the app to store your username (netid) and password in the app. This will allow for the least risk for data breach as your login information and course materials will not be cached on the device.

To Acquire the App:

To begin using Mobile Learn, you will need to access the Apple and Android app stores to purchase and download the app.


  1. Information Services makes no recommendation for or against subscribing to the personal license offered in the Blackboard Mobile™ Learn app. However, please note that Blackboard Inc. has not provided a university Terms of Service or other agreement regarding this platform so there can be no assurances that Blackboard Inc. will not further change the terms of the app, the data security of the application, or impact on the UR Blackboard system. Therefore, although there is no plan to disable access to UR Blackboard from the mobile apps, there could come a time that Blackboard discontinues it altogether or that the University of Richmond determines it to be in breach of data security standards and university policies and must disable access.
  2. There is no personal license option for those with BlackBerry® or Palm® mobile devices, and users with those devices will not be able to be connect to the UR Blackboard system unless they can use the web browser on those devices.


If you have any comments to make regarding this change, please visit the feedback page.  We appreciate your interest and time.

For questions or concerns, faculty are encouraged to contact their CTLT liaison, and all can contact the UR Blackboard team at blackboard@richmond.edu or 804-287-6860 (Monday through Friday, approximately 9am – 5pm).


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