The ancient items in the collection represent a wide variety of cultures and eras of the ancient world, from from the 3rd millennium BCE to 7th century CE and from Scotland to Iran. Made of stone, bronze, iron, terracotta, faience, and plastered linen, these objects provide insights into ancient daily life, death, economy, and society. The ceramic vessels and lamps, in particular, show how designs evolved to reflect new production methods and artistic styles while still maintaining functionality.

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ImagesItem NameAccession NumberCultureDateLink to Detailed Entry
Fragmentary Ibis AmuletAWG0000.01.01EgyptianLate period (727-525 BCE)Catalog
Red-Figure GuttusAWG0000.01.04Greek, AtticClassical to Late Classical period (450-300 BCE)Catalog
'Vogelkopf' Style LampAWG0000.01.05Roman 1st-3rd century CECatalog
Teapot LampAWG0000.01.07Late Roman, Byzantine3rd-7th century CECatalog
AryballosAWG0000.01.08Greek, CorinthianArchaic period (600-550 BCE) Catalog
Marble Relief FragmentAWG0000.01.10RomanRoman Imperial, 1st-2nd century CECatalog
LydionAWG0000.01.12Greek, IonianArchaic period (600-500 BCE) Catalog
LekythosAWG0000.01.13Greek, South ItalianLate Classical to Hellenistic (400-200 BCE)Catalog
Pipe FragmentAWG0000.01.15RomanRoman (Ca. 100-350 CE?) Catalog
Double-Spouted JugletAWG0000.01.16Aegean, CypriotBronze Age; Middle Cypriot II (1800-1725 BCE) Catalog
Handmade Oil LampAWG0000.01.17Unknown (Roman?)UnknownCatalog
Fragment of Opus Sectile FloorAWG0000.02.01ByzantineLate Roman to Byzantine period (4th-14th century CE)Catalog
DaggerAWG0000.03.01IranianIron Age I (Ca. 1200-1000 BCE) Catalog
Leaf Bladed ArrowheadAWG0000.03.02Iran, Northwestern IranIron Age I (Ca. 1200-1000 BCE)Catalog
Flat Bladed ArrowheadAWG0000.03.03Northwest IranianUnknownCatalog
Archaic JugletAWG0000.03.04Aegean, CypriotArchaic period, Cypro-Archaic II (7th-5th century BCE)Catalog
Black-Glazed CupAWG0000.03.05Greek, South Italian (Apulian)Late Classical period (400-300 BCE)Catalog
Black-Glazed SaucerAWG0000.03.06EtruscanHellenistic period (3rd century BCE)Catalog
Two Bronze BucklesAWG0000.03.07A and .07BRomanRoman or Medieval period (ca. 100-1200 CE)Catalog
Latin InscriptionAWG0000.03.08RomanRoman period - Roman Imperial (1st-3rd century CE)Catalog
Lamp with Wreath ReliefAWG0000.03.10Roman or Levantine3rd-5th century CECatalog
Three NailsAWG0000.04.01Roman, Romano-BritishRoman Imperial, 1st century CECatalog
Framed Page of the Nuremberg ChronicleAWG0000.05.01Medieval (1493)Catalog
Latin InscriptionAWG1877.01.01RomanRoman period - Roman Imperial (Late 1st - 2nd century CE)Catalog
TesseraeAWG1901.01.01Late Roman, Byzantine3rd-7th century CE (?)Catalog
Lamp with Relief of Dancing WomanAWG1980.01.01RomanRoman period (1st century - 1st century CE)Catalog
Alabaster jarAWG1980.01.02EgyptianEarly Dynastic period or later (after 2925 BCE) Catalog
Mold Made "Rosette Lamp"AWG2008.01.01Nabataean3rd century BCE-1st century CECatalog
Two-handled CupAWG2022.01.02Greek (Rhodian)Hellenistic period (250-150 BCE)Catalog
Wheelmade lampAWG2022.01.01Greek (Rhodian)Hellenistic period
(250-150 BCE)