Drug legalization Debate 4/2

Hello all I went to the recent drug legalization debate/discussion held in the Alice Haynes commons last Wednesday and I wanted to share some of the highlights of that discussion and perhaps continue the discussion here. Let me note that the discussion was overseen by a mitigator and was between three chosen panelists, two leadership professors and a campus police officer, and was posed with predetermined questions. While listening to this open discussion one of the more interesting things I noticed was the way the three speakers differed in making their arguments in reference to the main question which was ‘What should be the legal status of marijuana?’ The female leadership professor started with the premise: a person’s freedom to do what they want to themselves is good. Then she went on to argue the illegal status of marijuana restricts that freedom so therefore marijuana usage should not be illegal. The male professor used a differnt approach and instead of taking a complete stand against laws outlawing marijuana he made a note of saying he is no means an expert on the potential pros and cons of marijuana but that he is in favor of lifting the ban. The officer was interestingly also in favor of making marijuana not illegal although he did not say that he was in favor of complete legalization. During the debate the consensus seemed to be opposed to laws against marijuana but interesting questions rose in the face of in what way would we go for decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana. One of these questions was how should it be regulated and if there should be specific parameters around the use of it. In my opinion I believe that marijuana should be legalized out right. I think this because I am in the same boat as the female professor in thinking that the government should not infringe on someone’s freedom to do what they want to and with their bodies. I’m curious to know how anyone else feels about the subject so if you had the power to change or make laws how would you approach this issue?

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I’m going to create a paper fortune teller thing and have aspects of time interrelated with it to create an interactive and multi-sensory project.

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For my project, I am going to create a quiz to see how your perception of time can change based on what you are experiencing.

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final project

in my final project, I will show you some photos to show the change in my life through time

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final project

I’m making two puzzles for my final project. The first puzzle will represent what we thought time was and what we associated with time before we took this class. The second puzzle will show what we have learned this semester and how the things we have studied may have influenced our opinions of time.

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Final Project

I decided that my final project is going to be about solving puzzles (Rubik’s cubes) and it’s interesting relationship with time.  I will analyze how puzzles are manipulable, but unless the key is known, it is a waste of time solving it.

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Prelude to a Faun

Prelude to a Faun was very soothing and calming to listen to.  I felt as if I was in a scene of the movie Hercules, surrounded by beautiful buildings and greenery.  However, at the same time, the music gave me the feeling as if it was hiding something.  The music felt mysterious, as if the music was a spell that fabricated scene I imagined, the one of me sitting in a Greek building surrounded by greens.  Though the music was pleasing and soothing to listen to, it made me feel slightly uncomfortable because it felt like it was creating a false safety.

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Project Idea

For my final project I’ll be creating a computer program to help users experience a provided length of time in a periodic manner. Periodicity, repetition, and related ideas are important in our studies of time and in the sciences.

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Final Project: Ableton

For my final project, I’ll be working in Ableton, a music-making program, to create individual “clips” of sounds played by various instruments. Students can create any combinations of these sounds to make a section of a song. They can make a truly unique sound by using factors in the program to modify the timing and order of the notes being played. In fact, there are over 1,000 different combinations of clips available, not even including modifications to tempos or the order of notes. I have two goals of this project: (1) to explore peoples’ abilities to create something unique through the medium of time, and (2) to learn more about how a looping a constant eight bars can alter one’s emotions.

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prelude of afternoon of a faun

In the beginning of the music, the melody played by the flute is simple and without accompany of other instruments. The music of the flute give a sense of hazy and endless feeling. I almost see the glistening light of waves, the brilliant sunshine and the warm breeze. I feel a sense of leisure in the afternoon like the man depicted in the music from this beautiful, vacant sound. It just like a dream.

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