The following individuals have provided information, assistance, or encouragement in the course of this project: Patricia Campbell, W. Calvin Dickinson, Robert Entzminger, Ethel Freytag, Charles Modlin, Margaret and Russell Scott, and James W. Werner. Among published sources consulted, the most useful have been W. Calvin Dickinson, Morgan County, a volume in the Tennessee County History Series (1987); David Francis, The Universal Exposition of 1904, 2 vols. (1913); Ethel Freytag and Glena K. Ott, A History of Morgan County, Tennessee (1971); James Schevill, Sherwood Anderson: His Life and Work (1951); William A. Sutton, The Road to Winesburg (1972); Kim Townsend, Sherwood Anderson (1987); Sherwood Anderson: Early Writings, ed. Ray Lewis White; and the Chattanooga Times for May 1904.

I am most appreciative for the advice and assistance of Walter B. Rideout, Harry Hayden Clark Professor of English Emeritus of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, who, among other unselfish and valuable services, has shared with me information from his Sherwood Anderson biography in preparation for Oxford University Press and has contributed an enlightening Foreword to the journal.

Most of all, I owe thanks to Sherwood and Cornelia Anderson’s daughter, Marion Anderson “Mimi” Spear (1911-1996), who first made me aware of the existence of this manuscript and allowed me to edit it for publication. My task was greatly simplified by having access to the typed transcription of the material that she and her brother John Anderson ( had produced from their father’s typically difficult holograph. Before she died, Mimi wrote a candid and informative Afterword to the volume; but — beyond that — she was my collaborator in the fullest sense of the word, a constant source of advice and encouragement, information about her mother’s family, and — not least — invaluable editing and proofreading instincts developed during fifty years of publishing a newspaper.