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College merchandising is an American thing

By Amaya Garcia Martinez When my friend Almudena Guerrero opens her closet to dress for class every morning, she can choose a grey or a red University of Richmond sweatshirt, long UR trousers or shorts, a green t-shirt that reads … Continue reading

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Michael Goodwin

By Billy Finn A voice rumbles through the dimly-lit hallway leading to the dressing rooms beneath the stage of the Alice Jepson Theatre. It is a deep and clear baritone, reciting vocal exercises and running lines for tonight's dress rehearsal … Continue reading

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Home sweet dorm

By Laurel MerkelĀ  Room 134 Thomas Hall, also labeled Suite 129, is a rowdy room. People are always going in and out. You can hear laughter and shouting coming from their windows at all times of the day. Posters of … Continue reading

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Rugby is for women, too

By Mandy Sciacchitano An old European saying claims that rugby is a "ruffian's sport played by gentlemen." Well, it's time for the gentlemen to move over and share the spotlight with the women because women are redefining the boundaries of … Continue reading

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