Week 6

For this post, I used my post from the Negus reading and expanded on it. The quote I picked was “It goes without saying that the ultimate genre question was and is asked by record companies.” In my previous post, I used an audio of a songwriter who works closely with Taylor Swift praising her for blurring the lines in her music when it comes to genre. I decided to keep this audio and attach it to a video of the evolution of Taylor Swift’s music videos. This is representative of how her music and genre has changed over time and how she consistently┬áblurs the lines between many different genres, showing how artists do not care as much about sticking to a specific genre as the record companies do. The image I chose was a record with the words “pop music” on it because of the idea that Taylor Swift “went pop.” This is another way of showing how many think an artist has to choose a genre and the idea of being in between is not an option.