First Movie Post


Through IMovie, I combined two separate clips from the film Devil Wears Prada, separated by an image containing a quote from the Taste keyword reading. I got each film from youtube, downloaded using and uploaded them to IMovie. Each clip needed to be trimmed which I did through the trimming tool in IMovie. I got the picture off of google which originally came from a super models, Norma Schrieffer’s, Tumblr account. In order to post the quote onto the image, I used After uploading each media, I put them in the order that I wanted; the clip from the early part of the movie, the image and finally, the clip from the later half of the movie. When I went through the whole thing for the first time, I noticed that it was awkward to go from a clip with individuals talking, to a plane image and then to a clip with music. In order to fix this, I split apart the second clip from it’s audio. Next, I extended the audio backward, to the beginning of the picture. This created a better flow to each new piece of media rather than a choppy transition.

The reason that I combined these two clips was because it shows the way taste interact as a tool to reproduce status and power. In the first clip, Andy has no “good” taste according to the other individuals in the room. She is looked down upon by her boss and is not doing well at her job. By changing her style that represents better taste, she is immediately looked at differently by her co-workers and boss and raises her status and power in the magazine. This idea is discussed in the Taste keyword by Elana Levin and Michael Newman, shown in the quote. I chose the picture to represent how the media- magazines especially- create this idea of what is good taste. In order to be like the super model, you have to wear products similar to hers. Devil Wear’s Prada and the image shows the way in which media portrays this idea of achieving status and power through different societal classifications of what is shown to be accepted and what is shown to be rejected.