Producing Race Post

The production of this post came from the ideas within the Gates reading.  Her discussion of aesthetics in the production of media really inspired me to look deeper into the production of Get Out.  I began searching for discussions with the director and producer of Get Out, Jordan Peele, to hear his ideas and how he got the idea for Get Out.  The most compelling part of this interview, to me, was when he discussed the inferential racism present in our society, and how he tried to bring these issues into the forefront of viewers minds.  He tried to bring inferential racism to a new high in this movie, with the hopes that it will allow viewers to clearly see where it is present in our society.  With this post I tried to incorporate this idea by using the trailer for the movie that includes key scenes, and paired it with a clip from the interview with Jordan Peele.  My hope is that instead of seeing just an entertaining movie, viewers of my clip will see deeper into the meaning of the production tactics of this movie.  Finally, I end my video with a jarring picture of the main character with an emphasis on “bulging eyes,” a production tactic that can be seen as racist.  Here Peele has lit the character well and has inserted him into a dominantly white environment.  This is simply a glaring way to show the viewer how inherently racist the environment he is in.  My hope is that the viewer of this video can relate their personal experiences to this move to evaluate their lives and see if they can pick out inferential racist practices in their minds.

I believe that this is related to the key word taste, because so many production tactics are shifted to the white community.  For example, lighting practices have still not been perfected for the lighting of dark skin, it is only perfected to light white skin.  Because of this, the lighting of black actors is not as good, which does not look as good on camera.  This will effect the taste of viewers, because they are searching for the best quality work and inherently that will be work of white actors.  This production process only perpetuates the inferential racism present within the media production community.