Week 6 Response

I used a video clip from Khloe Kardashian’s new show, Revenge Body. The reality tv show is all about Khloe Kardashian giving people their lives back with their new revenge body, so she pairs them up with a personal trainer and helps them lose the weight that they gained, and then at the end they get a whole celebrity glam squad to make them look a little bit more like a celebrity. They are continuing to strive towards what the elite class says is what we should strive for. This clip really emphasizes and authorizes that of course, everyone would want a glam squad and to get their hair done and that is what people should strive for, and in same ways if you don’t enjoy this treatment then you might not be as feminine as the next woman that does like this treatment. I then inserted photos of all the different Kardashians getting the same treatment, as they get this treatment done daily. I think Ouellette’s quote emphasizes the point that people should strive towards getting these glam squads.