Week 6 Post

I decided to use my post from the Negus reading to create my new and improved post. I decided to use the same audio and quote from the post. To go with my audio I used the interview in which it was taken from. Since the interview was black and white I stuck to that theme in choosing my still images to create a cohesive aesthetic. I chose images of two incredibly popular artists who have solid and well known personas and music. I superimposed the text onto the photos using preview before importing them into iMovie. I tried using the title tool in iMovie to insert the text but it was difficult to move the text around on the image since you just overlay it. So I imported the images with he text already superimposed on them. I then used video grabby to download the interview and imported it into iMovie. I used the crop tool to shorten my video the audio and video I wanted. I put the pictures in my project first and ended with video. I inserted transition to make the video advance smoothly. I exported it out of iMovie and uploaded it and embedded it into the blog.