Live Performance Highlights the Lack of Authenticity

For this week, I wanted to expand on what I had written about after reading the Nexus reading. I still found the quote I chose really interesting and wanted to add video to the audio and photos I had previously uploaded.

I chose to add the video from Kesha’s live Grammy performance because it emphasized how powerful the song is. Kesha being joined by prominent females in the music industry represent just how much of a problem the music industry has with suppressing and abusing their artists. It shows how applicable this song is to so many people and further highlights exactly what Nexus discusses: how little autonomy artists have and how little of what we, as the consumer, see is truly who they are. Because so much of the music industry is controlled, audiences are not fully able to know musicians, which makes a song like “Praying” even more rare. “Praying” is as authentic as it gets, and it is very rare that audiences get to see such a raw and genuine performance.