Dear friends of color…

30 May
Today, I just want to say to my colleagues, students, and friends of color, that if you need my help, I am here for you. Tell me how to help YOU, if you want it. If you don’t, know that I see you, I hear you, I believe in you, and I am in awe of your courage and resilience.
I know where to donate money, I know to amplify Black voices instead of white ones. I know how to use Google and how to look up information. I am not asking you to educate me or tell me how to be a better white ally. I am doing my best to do that work (and if I fail, I am happy to have you tell me so that I can be better, but I do not expect it of you). This is not a post asking the Big Questions.
I want to know how I, personally, can be there for YOU, personally. As your friend. As your colleague. As your professor. And if the answer is “I don’t have anything,” that’s okay. If it’s “do the big things,” I’m doing my best to do them. But if it’s “please send me a text or talk to me on the phone” or “share a recipe” or “don’t ask me about it” or “send me cat pictures,” I am more than happy to do any of those things to help your mental health.
You inspire me, every day, to try to be better and to do better. I am not going to hashtag this post because it’s not that kind of post. If I know you, and you are hurting because of what is happening (and has been happening) in this country, and if I can help, please lean on me. And know that I am doing what I can to have your back and to make things better in the future.