TLF All Hail the Metal Bikini

13 Jun

Today’s TLF post touches on the ubiquitous problem of the female videogame character wearing metal bikini armor, talking specifically about the most recent Tropes vs. Women in Video Games episode (2.3), “Lingerie is Not Armor.”

I’m usually somewhat disappointed by TvWVG episodes in general, and this one isn’t really formatted any differently from its predecessors (lots of lists, etc.), but this one does touch on one of my least favorite aspects of the rampant sexism in the games industry–and it isn’t exclusive to videogames by any means. Take a look at fantasy art in general (RPG books, fantasy board games, Magic cards, fantasy book covers, and, yes, videogames), and you will find an awful lot of women who seem to think that metal bikinis will keep them safe from dragons and other beasties. I mean, c’mon. Boob plates are bad enough, but when there’s not even enough metal to cover your heart (and it’s located strategically over your nipples and just enough of your crotch to be legal instead of over any vital organs), it’s pretty clearly not there for protective purposes.

After a certain point we have to start laughing instead of crying, so I know there are a lot of people who choose ludicrous outfits simply for the absurdity-factor, but let’s admit it–that shouldn’t actually be a thing. Or, if it is, there should also be metal banana-hammocks.