From the Weeds: A Catching-Up Post

22 Jan

It’s been one heck of a week, despite the fact that we had Monday off and today is an impending snowpocalypse. I could do without more weeks like that one.

In gaming related news, Anita Sarkeesian made another episode of Tropes vs. Women in videogames that is apparently about butts. I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m already dubious (not because I think her videos are bad, but because “butts? Really?”).

In catching-up news, last week I posted about Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes over on NPC Gamer. It’s a fun little Steam game that is surprisingly addicting and weirdly fun at parties, despite the fact that only two people can really play at any given time.

Today’s NPC Gamer post is about the problem of neoliberalism and how it relates to why we love games. It’s much less lighthearted than last week’s post and contains Big Thoughts.

Next week there will be more Rise of the Tomb Raider over on TLF. And hopefully a post about the Tropes vs. Women episode…