TLF/AIP Dragon Age Inquisition – Making People Happy (Eight)

1 Sep

Another installment of my first play-through of Inquisition is up on TLF. By now, of course, I’ve played it again (once fully, once partially), once as a Qunari mage (male) and again – this last time – as a Dalish rogue (female). I find it much easier to make different choices if I’m a different gender and species – the first replay made me want a similar-looking Inquisitor, with the same voice and personality, even though he has a different class. As a female Dalish (elf), however, I’m having no issues replaying with different biases and decisions. I’m romancing Cullen, which is actually fairly fun, although I can’t ever take him with me. I’m also doing much better at managing the War Table.