TLF: Still Waiting for Superman

18 Jun

So this is not a post about videogames, board games, or any kind of games. It is a post about the new Superman movie, Man of Steel.

I wrote up a full review for TLF, even though I’m not their movie person (or even one of their several movie people). As I understand it, TLF will be running more Superman-related posts in the near future, so be sure to check back.

Two Kotaku writers also wrote up their thoughts on Man of Steel here. Now it seems from this comparison that there might be a gender-divide on liking or disliking the movie, although Evan at Kotaku has some issues with Superman’s “darkness.” I have to admit, that’s one of the few things I did like – that he seemed a bit traumatized by being a complete freak and an ALIEN, alone, on a planet that didn’t understand him and that his father had convinced him would reject and try to kill him if he revealed himself. Seems likely to produce some darkness to me.

But having spoken to other men who saw the movie, some of them – like my husband – didn’t like Man of Steel for at least some of the same reasons I didn’t like it. And I liked some of the things – namely, the early parts of the film on Krypton – that Evan and Mike did. I also see how they think Lois could be a legitimate reporter (she’s definitely an improvement)… but when two male gamers comment on her repeated rescues, you know the frequency of damsel-in-distress may be a bit excessive.

But that’s enough for this blog – to see my full thoughts, go to TLF.