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28 Jun
So – unsurprisingly to regular readers who know how much of a BioWare freak I am – I’ve been replaying the Mass Effect trilogy (with a break in there to play Dragon Age IIfor work), and have finally made it...
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TLF: Still Waiting for Superman

18 Jun
So this is not a post about videogames, board games, or any kind of games. It is a post about the new Superman movie, Man of Steel. I wrote up a full review for TLF, even though I’m not their...
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Your Complaint Has Been Heard

6 Jun
So recently Microsoft announced that XBL complaints about behavior – specifically, bullying, bigotry, excessive cursing, and other unsports-person-like conduct – will be addressed, and that reporters will be notified when their complaints have been dealt with. I imagine it will...
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