Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a national holiday that recognizes and honors men and women who have served to protect America and its freedom.  Students in the third grade will learn the significance of this day and the implications of having a republican or representative form of government that work to uphold the peoples’ rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  The following teacher and student resources can be used to support lessons for Veterans Day or VA SOL 3.11.

Books and Literature

The Veterans Day Visitor

This heartfelt and moving story about Veterans Day is told through the lens of Emily’s Pop-Pop who volunteers to speak to her class about this important holiday.

America's White Table

Through the symbolic white table, Katie begins to understand the depths of the sacrifice that her uncle made in the Armed Forces.

H is for Honor

This book gives you a glimpse of all the military branches and military life as it takes you through the alphabet.  This book will not only teach students about veterans day and those who serve in the military, but can also be used to help students in their writing.

The Impossible Patriotism Project

The Impossible Patriotism Project helps readers and listeners capture the meaning of patriotism.  It helps students to see who the real patriots are as we are taken through Caleb’s struggles in finding meaning in his father’s absence.

Pepper's Purple Heart

Pepper’s Purple Heart is about a dog who gets hit by a car while his owner and best friend are playing a game.  Claire’s neighbor takes care of Pepper and gives him the purple heart that he received as a Marine in the Vietnam War.  This fun and informative book will help students understand Veterans Day.

Student Resources

Fun Facts-This site offers cool facts on veterans.

Games and Activities– This site offers games and activities for students.

Trivia– Students can test their knowledge of Veterans Day through interactive puzzles and quizzes.

Research tools– This site provides links to games, coloring pages, and background information for students to explore.

Newsarticle– This is a online news article on Veterans Day for students.

Teacher Resources

History and Background– This site provides the history and background of Veterans Day for teachers.

Lesson Plans– Teachers can find lesson ideas and examples of lesson plans for Veterans Day.

Teacher’s Guide– This link provides you with a complete and comprehensive guide to facts and activities for Veterans Day.

Poster Gallery–  Teacher’s can use this site to encourage students to create Veterans Day posters.

Worksheets–  Teachers can find free worksheets and activity pages for students.

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