Teaching About Community in a Preschool Classroom

It can be difficult to explain what a community is to a preschool classroom.  Community helpers are often included in preschool themes, but the overall community is frequently overlooked.  Here are some great resources for teaching children about living in a community– sharing, cleaning up after ourselves, being kind to others, and of course: the community helpers that keep us safe, and our community running.



David Gets in Trouble by David ShannonThis book, part of Shannon’s David series helps children to understand that actions have consequences.  The funny story and creative drawings will keep children drawn in. This story teaches children that they need to think about the things they do and admit when they have made a mistake.

Stone Soup by Heather ForestThis clever story has been told serveral times by several different authors, however the story never gets old.  A hungry stranger tells some people in the village that he can make a pot of soup out of some water and stones.  As word spreads and curiosity grows, the entire town works together to find everything the stranger suggests to be added into the soup.  The result is a delicious pot of soup that the entire town worked together to create.  This book is fantastic for teaching the value of teamwork and sharing.

The Subway Sparrow by Leyla TorresThe subway Sparrow is a wonderful book about a sparrow that gets stuck on a subway car in new york city.  The passengers on the subway– all different backgrounds and ethnicities– work together to save the sparrow.  Torres created a book with great illustrations and an even better message.  A community has to work together to accomplish it’s goals.

Kindness is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler by Margaret CuylerMrs. Ruler’s has some unusual tendencies.   She always speaks in rhyme and she disciplines her students by making them complete kind acts for one another.  The students love being kind to each other so much that they start completing as many acts of kindness as they can!  The fun rhyming in the story will draw children in and the story aptly teaches the importance of looking out for others.

Career Day  by Anne Rockwell, illustrated by Lizzy RockwellThis book features a classroom career day.  Each student explains to the class what their parent or guardian does for a living.  The book covers a variety of job and careers making it extremely useful for teaching about community helpers.

Resources for Children

Barney’s Clean-Up GameHelp Barney clean up!  Can you put the objects in the right container?

Who’s at The Door? Identify the correct community helper based on a given clue!

The Litterbug BlastKeep the community clean by cleaning up the litter before it builds up and covers the town!

Dora and the Thankful Old Troll Help Dora the Explorer cheer up the troll! Can you get him to say thank you?

Create a BadgeCreate your own firefighter badge!

Resources for Teachers

Everything Preschool Community Helpers ThemeThis site contains games, books, songs, activities, crafts and more– all about community helpers!

Dora’s Clean Room Activity PackThese printables can be handed out as a book or in sections to help children learn about putting their things away.

Teaching Social Studies in PreschoolThis site has a great section on teaching about community, community helpers, and saftey.

Songs for Teaching This page contains songs about jobs, hygiene, getting dressed, cleaning up, and being part of a community!

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