Abraham Lincoln

The following resources are for teachers and students to refer to when exploring the life and times of our sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln. The Virginia SOLs included are K.1(a), 1.2, 2.11, U.S. 11.3c, US1.9d.

Abraham Lincoln

Who Was Abraham Lincoln? By Janet Pascal
This "big head biography" is perfect for elementary school- aged children. There are over 100 black-and-white illustrations and maps. The text is easy to read and very informative. Young readers will learn all about Abraham Lincoln in a fun, interesting format and will be encouraged to check out the other historical biographies in this series.

Lincoln Tells a Joke: How Laughter Saved the President (and the Country) By Kathleen Krull and Paul Brewer
This book is not only a great read, but also a great read aloud. The straightforward style and use of humor makes it enjoyable for students in elementary school. There is colorful art on every page and the text completely draws the reader in, making them eager to learn all there is to know about our 16th President.

Abraham Lincoln the Writer: A Treasury of His Greatest Speeches and Letters By Harold Holzer
This book is geared to the older elementary student. It is a compilation of Lincoln’s writings, including personal letters, notes on the law, excerpts from speeches, debates, and inaugural addresses, letters to parents of fallen soldiers, and telegrams to his family. Reproductions of period photos, portraits, and documents illustrate the text effectively. This book is highly interesting and a fine resource for students seeking quotations or for those wanting to meet Lincoln through his own words.

Abraham Lincoln (DK Biography) by Tanya Lee Stone
DK brings historical biographies to life with this new series. Full-color photographs of people, places, and artifacts, and sidebars on related subjects add dimension and relevance to stories of famous lives that students will love to read. This book helps the reader explore the extraordinary life of Abraham Lincoln in a way that is exciting and interesting.

Abraham Lincoln (10 Days That Shook Your World) by David Colbert is an exciting look at our sixteenth president told through an eyewitness account of ten crucial days in his life. This book, part of a series of historical biographies, is best for upper elementary students.

Resources for Teachers
Abraham Lincoln
This site is chock full of links to lesson plans, classroom activities and other educational resources. It is nicely organized and has many historical pictures and references. Everything you ever wanted to know about Abraham Lincoln can be found on this site.
Primary Sources
This site is an excellent resource for primary sources. This site includes interpretive materials, featuring a brief Lincoln biography and discussions of eight major historical themes. This helps visitors raise historical questions and formulate hypotheses, thereby searching the primary materials more constructively.
Lincoln Printables
Here you will find printables, interactive worksheets and activity pages associated with President Abraham Lincoln.
Lincoln Lesson Plans
This website has lesson plans, suggested readings, and primary resources that are helpful in teaching about Abraham Lincoln.
More Primary Sources
This site is helpful for primary sources and what to do with them. It provides the source and activities and other informative links.

Resources for Students
A scrambler is a program that chops up an image and scrambles up the pieces (requires the java plugin). The object of the game is to swap 2 pieces at a time until all pieces end up in position to form the completed picture. These scramblers all come with a 4 minute timer. Can you beat the clock? These games require a keen eye for detail!
An interactive quiz about Abraham Lincoln.
Abraham Lincoln's Crossroads is an educational game based on the traveling exhibition Lincoln: The Constitution & the Civil War, which debuted at the National Constitution Center in June 2005. It invites students to learn about Lincoln's leadership by exploring the political choices he made. An animated Lincoln introduces a situation, asks for advice and prompts players to decide the issue for themselves, before learning the actual outcome. At the end of the game, players discover how frequently they predicted Lincoln's actions. A Resources Page keyed to each chapter provides links to relevant Websites on Lincoln and the Civil War, permitting students to explore issues in more depth.
Lincoln Scavenger Hunt
This is an interactive treasure hunt that students print out and answer as they explore the website.
Lincoln Listen and Read
This is an interactive Listen and Read page that students can use on the classroom laptop or personal computer.

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