1st Grade-Counting

Counting is the basic foundation for mathematics and is taught in its more complex forms in the first grade to help students develop strategies and number sense.  Teachers and students can find helpful resources and games that encourage the development of counting skills with counting to 100 and skip counting.


1.  Mooove Over by Karen Magnuson is an entertaining book that teaches skip counting by 2s.  A cow makes it difficult for other animal passengers to sit two by two, but after he is kicked off the trolley, the animals are able to return to sitting two by two.

2.  One to One Hundred by Teri Sloat illustrates numbers using objects.  The pictures not only illustrate the shape of the numeral but the objects within also match the number they represent.

3.  98, 99, 100! Ready or Not, Here I Come! by Teddy Slater is about a group of girls who count to 100 by 5s, 10s, and 20s while playing hide and go seek.

4.  Reese’s Pieces Count by Fives by Jerry Pallotta uses reese’s for counting numbers to 10 as well as to 100 by 5s.  The author incorporates trucks and different machinery to carry loads of reese’s.

5.   Icky Bug Numbers by Jerry Pallotta uses bright and colorful illustrations of bugs to teach numbers.

Activity and Game for Children

1.  Skip it– This online game and activity helps children practice on skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s.

2.  By Ones-This activity allows children to practice identifying the number of objects by ones, while requiring students to generate or type in its corresponding numeral.

3.  Fishing– Students must count the number of fish and type in the number in the corresponding box.

4.  Right Number-Click on the number box  that represent the number of objects that are shown.

5.  Sequence– Students are to choose what number they want to count by and click on the number that follows that sequence.

Additional Resources

1. Lesson Plans–  This site has a comprehensive list of lesson plans for 1st grade. The math content section contains many links such as "Celebrating 100" and "Who stole the numbers" for skip counting and counting to 100.  Lesson plans on counting includes free downloadable templates, game ideas, and additional resources such as books. 

2.  Mega Counting Links-This page consists of counting resources including PowerPoint, games, and downloadable worksheets and templates.

3.  Worksheets-This page allow you to create your own counting worksheets by allowing you to choose the number of problems you desire per page, objects to be counted, and the maximum number for counting. 

4.  Create your worksheet-This page allows you to crete worksheets based on what the focus is within counting and number sense.  You may worksheets that seeks missing numbers, matching numbers, ordering numbers, and tracing numbers.    

5.   Center Ideas-This page has links for free downloads on game pieces and math center games as well as a comprehensive list of literature books for counting.

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