Instructional Resource Set-Kindergarten, Counting

Counting can be and should be a fun topic for children to learn.  This blog will offer resources for children and teachers covering the areas of counting, number sense, and number recognition for Kindergartners. There are helpful websites, books, and activities to help students count the number of objects in a given set, write numerals, and match a written numeral with a given set of objects (VA SOL K.2)


  1. Counting Crocodilescounting-crocodiles.jpgThis is a cute little book that shows a monkey who counts his way across a sea full of crocodiles.  There is a rhyme which makes it fun, and all the crocodiles are doing something interesting like building with blocks or having pink mohawks.  This book counts from 1-10 and back again from 10-1. Written by Judy Sierra and illustrated by Will Heillenbrand.
  2. Ten Terrible Dinosaursten-terrible-dinosaurs.jpgThis book also offers a rhyming text as it counts down from 10 silly dinosaurs stomping and romping around, until there is only one dinosaur left. Written and illustrated by Paul Stickland.
  3. 1,2,3 to the Zoomud_large_12_book.jpgThis book starts off with animals that are all on train cars going to the zoo.  Each page, the reader counts the number of animals on the train car and they can also match the number they count with the written numeral as well.  At the end, all of the animals end up at the zoo where the reader can count each group of animals all over again. Written and illustrated by Eric Carle.
  4. Anno’s Counting Bookanno.jpgThis book starts off with an empty field in which the author adds characters and objects on each page.  As you read along, the seasons and months change as well.  The reader can count the objects and people on any given page. Written and illustrated by Mitsumasa Anno.
  5. Let’s Count9780688160081.jpg A counting book that has very nice photographs to displays a number of items with one chicken,2 ice cream cones and so on.  This books counts to 12 by ones, and then counts by 5’s and 10’s to 100.  Written and illustrated by Tana Hoban.

Websites for Kids

  1. Counting on a Cloud– This is a fun online game for children to practice counting.  There are two different versions: one is easy and one is hard.  This game uses pictures, numbers, and sounds to help teach how to count.
  2. Fishy Count–  This is an online game where you are to count the number of fish on the screen.  Then you click the shell at the bottom with the matching written number.
  3. Ant Parade– This online game has ants marching in a parade.  You click (or blow) on the whistle and the ants stop moving.  You count the number of ants to match the number on the flag.
  4. Color by Number Penguin-This is a printable penguin worksheet.  You color by number.  This page helps with numeral recognition as well as color recognition.
  5. Counting With Artt– This online game consists of Artt, an artist, who draws pictures on the screen.  Count the number of objects drawn and then click on the appropriate matching numeral at the bottom on the screen.

Additional Resources
Math Glossary– This is a simple Math glossary for teacher’s to use with their students.
Mrs. Meacham’s Classroom– This website overs a wealth of ideas for simple center math games all dealing with counting.
Printable Flashcards– This website offers printable flashcards for teachers for their classroom.

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