Teaching Geography with Children’s Literature: Earthshake (Poems from the Ground Up)


The book Earthshake, poems from the ground up, is an accumulation of several poems that are related to the earth.

This book is a fun and interesting way to look at the earth.  Some of the poems are just short little phrases while other ones are about a page long.  The topics span from the earth’s crust, to continents, to wind and fire.  They all have witty, fun names too including “Wyoming Layer Cake”, “Instructions for the Earth’s Dishwasher”, and “Earth Charged in Meteor’s Fiery Death.”  The different titles for the poems make it fun and exciting for the students to read.  It offers a different perspective on how to look at the earth as well.

Curriculum Connection
This book would not me limited to any particular grade considering it is such a general overview and offers such a small introduction to each topic.  It would probably fit well with 1st through 3rd grade.

Additional Resources:
This book has such a wide range of topics that it would be easy to make an international connection.  This website offers information on numerous countries all around the world.
2. This link provides a connection to a science activity that deals with a meteorite
3. This is a helpful website that offers several different maps of countries, towns, cities, and more

General Information:
Earthshake (Poems from the Ground Up)
Author: Lisa Westberg Peters
Illustrator: Cathie Felstead
Greenwillow Books
Publication Date: 2003
Pages: 32
Grade Range: 4-8
ISBN #: 0060292652

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