Teaching Economics with Children’s Literature: Start Saving, Henry!


Start Saving, Henry! is a fun book about a seven-year old mouse who learns the lesson about saving his allowance money to buy a toy he wants, and, he learns how hard it can be to not buy everything you want.

Curriculum Connections:  Start Saving, Henry! is a good book for teaching the concepts that people make choices because they cannot have everything they want, and that people save money for the future purchase of  goods and services. SOLs 1.8 and 1.9

Additional Resources:
This website has another book that can be read and used in a classroom activity to reinforce the concepts of making choices about purchases, and not being able to buy everything you want.

This website is very kid friendly.  It offers some online games and information about coins, including how they are made, and U.S. Mints.

This website has pictures of what money looks like in different countries around the world.  It would be a great way to tie the lesson to whatever other countries you may be studying.

General Information:
: Start Saving, Henry!
Author: Nancy Carlson
Illustrator: Nancy Carlson
Publisher: Penguin Group
Pages:  32
Grade Range: K-2
ISBN:  9780670011476

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