Graphs Galore

I’m in the midst of teaching a class called Improving Elementary Math. I have a great group of teachers with whom I am exploring ways to expand their repertoire of tools for teaching a variety of concepts in math. For part of the day today we focused on graphs and data analysis. I am a HUGE fan of daily graphing in the elementary classroom, so I spent some time looking for ideas to share. I came across some really terrific resources, so I’m sharing them here.

Mrs. Meacham’s Resources

Graph of the Day (with printables)

Daily Sign-In Questions

Mathwire Resources

Graphing in Your Classroom

Kidscount1234 Resources

Classroom Graphing Ideas

Mrs McGowan’s Graphs

CanTeach Math: List of Daily Math Graph Questions

In addition to these resources, I recommend these two books about graphing.

tigermath.gif graph.jpg

Tiger Math: Learning to Graph from a Baby Tiger by Ann Whitehead Nagda and Cindy Bickel – This book uses a variety of picture, circle (pie), bar, and line graphs to demonstrate how an orphaned Siberian tiger cub grows as he is raised by hand. The story of T.J.’s growth told through text, photos and graphs, with graphs appearing on the left page with explanations.

The Great Graph Contest by Loreen Leedy – What happens when a snail, toad and lizard get together? Why the snail sets up a contest between his friends to see who can make the best graph! Points will be awarded by snail for correct math, creativity, and neatness. Who do you think will win? There is much going on here that kids will love. A great deal of information is shared in word balloons. At the end of the book, the data collection and construction of each graph are carefully explained.

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