Almost exactly one year ago, as  the Jepson School celebrated its 25th anniversary, Robert S. Jepson Jr. challenged the School’s community to continue to be pathfinders and explorers: “You have no creative boundaries, no boxes hemming you in, and — if you will forgive the metaphor — we have galaxies to explore and stars to reach.” Mr. Jepson noted that we have created a school that has “excited the world” and that we must continue to be a leader in this field. A new Jepson at Oxford program is one way we will take the School to a new level.

Earlier this semester, I met with students to share that the Jepson School will now offer a full scholarship for tuition to a select number of graduating seniors to undertake a one-year master’s program at the University of Oxford. The students’ excitement was evident. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, times two. First, students will obtain the best education for and about leadership at the first undergraduate school of leadership studies in the United States. Second, they will build on their Jepson education at Oxford.

Oxford offers graduate courses in all areas that are represented at the Jepson School, from history and psychology, to literature and philosophy. Possibilities abound to meet the diverse interests of our students. The following seem particularly relevant, as they link to our interest at Jepson in educating students for effective and ethical engagement in society: economics, history, philosophy, politics and international relations, social policy and intervention.

Why Oxford? Quite simply, Oxford is ranked by many as the best university in the world. Being accepted to a graduate program is no small feat. As the Jepson School comes of age, our graduates will compare favorably with other students at the best university in the world. Oxford combines its long history and traditions with cutting-edge scholarship and innovative programs. Its faculty include leading minds. Oxford University Innovation has created more than 160 companies and is considered the best in the world.

With gratitude for Mr. Jepson’s vision and generosity, we are confident that our students will succeed at Oxford and excited about this new program.

Jepson at Oxford

Sandra J. Peart

Dr. Peart is Dean of the School of Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond. She is an economist with special interests in leadership and economics and leadership ethics. More about her: Go to and see faculty information.

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