Watching the Final Project!

Watching the final project today was very exciting! I enjoyed seeing how each act worked with their students to produce their own versions. Each act was different yet shared similar attributes. Most acts used action figures or drawings to represent the characters. Some acts were able to use more audio from the students than others. Watching them all together was exciting because we have been working separately this entire semester. While we consulted with other groups for details, we did not share how we were executing the production. Something exciting about this project is that we are able to share it with future JSP students. Even if they do not have to complete their project remotely, it might help them to see how we produced our version!

This project was a great learning experience for the students as well as myself. I had to be patient with the students and learn to go with the flow of technological errors. I am hoping to show the final version to my family once my exams are over, we will have a movie night!