Act 2 Meeting 7

Our last meeting for the year was another productive meeting. Admittedly we didn’t have very much to do as we had already recorded the script, but we were able to have the kids read a few of the intros and summaries of the scenes that we could record and include into our final project. Luckily for us, Henrico forwarded us the photos for our scenes early Thursday afternoon, so we were able to get it all put together pretty quickly and it came out really well. The kids did a fabulous job with drawing the scenes and it’s great that we were able to include them in the recording as well. Again, the teacher that we had for our last few meetings was a total game-changer, as she really excelled at organizing the kids and making sure they were speaking loudly enough and saying the right lines. Communication was so difficult virtually so having somebody in the room helping us was a major help. I can’t wait for everyone to see Act 2!