Meeting 7 – Dec 3

We had our final meeting with the students yesterday. Our plan was to show the students the movie we had made with their photos, however we recieved the photos an hour before our meeting began. This proved was a nice coincidence because instead of doing that we were able to take some voice recordings of the students! Two of the students were eager to read the script so we asked them to do the narration at the beginning and ending of each scene. They were very excited to do this and it makes our movie much more exciting!

When piecing together the film last night I was glad that we were able to include the voices of the students. I was frustrated at first because I had already created the audio files on I-Movie. However, it did not take long to include the new recordings we took in our meetings, and it sounds much better with the students voices.

I am sad that this was our last meeting! I looked forward to seeing the kids each week and interacting with them as best we could. Although this project was frustrating at times I was enjoyed working with the students the most. I hope that they are pleased with the work they did and enjoy watching the movie!