Final Preformance

I am bummed that the weather inhibited us from going through with the performance today. I was really excited to see the other acts and how the production was going to come together. I know that, as a class, everyone worked extremely hard on this project. Even though we did not get to see it fully through, it was exciting to go through the experience of directing an act and learning more about how to put on a production.

Throughout the day, I stayed in contact with the OSHER participants and I made sure to email them and call everyone once I found out the production was cancelled. Everyone was a little sad that the weather turned out the way it did but they were understanding.

Today, I think we would have showed up with the OSHER participants at 3pm and gone through our act. We would have finalized any last minute blocking that needed fixing and made sure that everyone felt comfortable in the space and ready to preform! I believe that our group would have loved seeing the other acts and then would have been extremely excited to preform. During rehearsals, some participants were timid at times but I believe they would have really gotten into the performance and made it the best one yet! Ultimately, I think they all would have just had a great time today getting to see the performance as a whole and getting up on stage! I imagine there would have been lots of laughs and excitement. Overall, the JSP was a great experience and I was glad to have a chance to work with the OSHER participants.