Boushall Week 8

After a week off for Thanksgiving, we met again. With the performance two weeks away, we needed to get the kids walking through the play without our prompting. We brought in the props for the witches, including their hats, cauldron and some eyeballs, snakes and bugs to throw into the cauldron.

Our kids seemed excited to get to run through the whole thing and actively pay attention to when they needed to go onstage. Still, we had to prompt them a lot because they would get distracted. Our kids also have a lot of problems turning the pages because they never seem to end up on the right page, so that can also be an issue as they try to follow along.

We got through the whole thing, and next week we’ll try to get them to go through it without any prompting at all. I’m excited to see how it all goes next week, and I hope we have most of our kids show up on the night of the performance.