Henderson-Higher Achievement Week 4

I was not able to attend rehearsal this week at Henderson as I was sick. Bridget ran rehearsal by herself and I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been as our large group is hard to manage as is with the three of us. They were very poorly behaved and struggled to listen to Bridget’s direction. She had to take multiple phones and re-arrange certain groups of friends that were sitting together. In talking with her and Jessie, we have decided it will be best to break into three separate groups. We will divide the script into three parts and cast within each of the three groups. In doing this, we believe we’ll be able to be more productive and keep better control over the scholars. It will also give more kids opportunities to play the roles they’re interested in. This large groups struggles to listen to Bridget, Jessie and I. I believe that if we are a bit stricter with them, it’ll be easier to get more done during rehearsal. This will also improve the individual relationships we build we the scholars and create a more effective way to explain the themes behind Macbeth. I am looking forward to our next rehearsal and working with a smaller group!