Henderson Higher Achievement Week 3

While we did not meet with Henderson this week due to fall break, I did think a lot about how to get the students more involved in the actual acting element. Off of my last post,  I still think it will be beneficial to take 20 minutes of the Macbeth film (2010) and show them part of their act they will be performing. Additionally, I think we will maximize efficiency if we split the group into three and each of us takes a group to talk and practice our scripts in a more personalized setting.

However, a new idea I thought of regarding the actual reading of the script was to start the students off with a very basic script. I hope to brainstorm with Carolina and Jessie about a very well known children’s play and we can print out five minutes worth of a script. Then, we can have our three groups read that out as a warm up exercise. As they get more confident reading and acting aloud, we will introduce them to shakespeare writing, because I expect that to be a challenge.

Lastly, I do not think playing a ton of “giggly” acting games will serve us well, because it will be hard to get them to focus on the activity of reading and understanding shakespeare.

I look forward to meeting with them week 4 as we begin reading the script of Macbeth.