Henderson-Higher Achievement Week 3

This past week we did not meet at Henderson because of fall break, but it gave me some time to think of ways we could improve our weekly rehearsals. The scholars have trouble listening to us and staying on task, and although this is getting better, there is a lot of room for improvement. We should continue to use the strategies Higher Achievement has suggested to us such as: “If you can hear my voice clap once… if you can hear my voice clap twice” and giving very specific directions before they get up and move, that way we always maintain control. With such a big group, I think breaking into three smaller groups will be helpful, especially once we begin looking at the Macbeth script. They are very excited about our section of the play, and I hope they remain as positive once they begin speaking the actual script as I know the language will be very difficult for them. We will need to continue to look into casting as we have very few roles in our section and many children want to play these roles. Parts such as porters, murderers and trees will be easy to add. I look forward to the next rehearsal!