Act II – Week 7

Caroline was unable to attend this week’s session, so Aleeza and I ran rehearsal. When we first arrived at Boushall, Mr. Allan was in the middle of a game on politics with our group of students as well as the rest of the after-school students. Therefore, we did not begin rehearsal until about 6:30. When we finally had the students to ourselves, Aleeza and I brought them to the Choir Room, which allows for a lot of spread-out space to move around and act. The kids begged to play one round of “Zip-Zap-Zop” before we began rehearsing, so we did exactly that. Two of our boys and 1 girl were missing from the group, so we had about 9 students all together. 3 of the boys that were present at rehearsal refused to be calm, participate, or be respectful. Mr. Allan happened to wander by our classroom and set the boys straight, so they weren’t as disruptive throughout the remainder of rehearsal (sort of, kind of). Once “Zip-Zap-Zop” was over, we called on a few students to come to the center of the room and read through Scene 1. While running through the scene, the few disruptive boys failed to pay attention and distracted the readers. They did this throughout Scene 2, and part of Scene 3 as well. During Scene 2, while one boy was reading, he said, “This is not English. There is no way a human wrote this. An alien wrote this.” Aleeza and I attempted to explain the concept of Old English, but this boy either did not understand or did not care. We did not have time to run though all of Scene 3, so the students read the first half of it. With 5 minutes left of rehearsal, we played the theater game “Museum,” because the students refused to go through any of the scenes unless Aleeza and I promised to play “Museum” with them at the end of the session. During the game, one student tripped on a chair and got hurt, so I brought him to see Mr. Allan as the rest of the students began to laugh at him. Mr. Allan was not happy that the students made fun of him, and didn’t seem happy with our session whatsoever, so before Aleeza and I left, he and Aleeza exchanged phone numbers and said he would call her the following day to go over some tactics on how to better control our wild students.