Week 9 was a tough week for Act V. We were once again missing Marcus, who our students said had quit the play. Khalil showed up late and with a negative attitude. Adrian kept getting distracted from the moment we started. Tamiya and Janiyah were well behaved but did not seem very interested in performing that day. We were making some progress in the script when there was an outburst from Khalil. This culminated in him running out of the room. I followed him while TJ and AJ kept control of the other students. He sprinted down the hallway and into one of the dark hallways downstairs. After a few minutes calling his name to no response, I returned to the room to find that he had already gone back. Rehearsal was tense after that, with everyone afraid to set Khalil or someone else off. It turns out our fear was right, because with only a few minutes of rehearsal left, Adrian was upset by something Khalil said and ran out of the room. I went out into the hall with him and tried to talk him into coming back. He was crying, so I asked what was wrong. He said he was frustrated because he did not think that Khalil was taking this seriously, and that he (Adrian) was taking it very seriously. I told him that he should not let Khalil upset him and that he should focus his energy and feelings on his performance. After reminding him that he has been doing a great job as Duke Orsino, we returned to the room for the last few minutes of rehearsal. Since the students were still not feeling their best, we ended our session with the one-word sentence game. Though I am confident that our students can do this, I am worried that they will not find the motivation or take the performance seriously. We only have one more rehearsal and it is the day before the show, so we are hoping that things can come together before then.