Jepson Shakespeare Project Act V Youth life Week Eight

We again had a very productive rehearsal this week at youth life. With only two more rehearsals before the show, there is definitely a sense of urgency among the students to do well in rehearsal so that they can impress everyone durring the show. I can honestly say that I was very surprised by this urgency because up to this point the students had shown little interest in how they performed come showtime. This week at our rehearsal we had three students, however, the three students that were in attendance were those with the largest single roles, thus it was good to have them practice together.

One great thing about this week was that we were able to run through the script through its entirety, and the students were finally able to implement their own stage notes into the scripts. I thought that both of these tasks that we accomplished this week were extremely monuments in moving forward and making progress ahead of the performance. Despite gettingĀ a lot done again this week, we had our usual setbacks of the students getting distracted from time to time. However, I have noticed that the students have been getting better and better each week about putting more focus into the performance. Despite only having two rehearsals left until the performance, I am extremely optimistic that our students will be prepared and confident on stage.