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11/30 Post

I think taking a deeper look at the movie Dear White People is especially important for college students.  This movie opens people up to the idea that conforming to a stereotype makes people more successful.  I never really thought about conformity like this.  I wondered why people would continue to conform to be the person they are supposed to be rather than the person they want to be, but this movie provides a good reason for conforming.  Conforming to society sends you down a path that is already paved.  it is an easy way to become successful even if it is not your way.  That being said, People see success as a clear cut thing all too often, so that is what it becomes.  I never really thought that conforming to what people think you should be will lead to success, but this movie shows how it does. 

I also like how the movie shows the people who oppose conformity.  I think it is interesting how these people naturally stick out just because they act like themselves rather than the person they are supposed to conform to be.  The way Dear White People develops the non conformist characters makes me wonder if this is a possible solution to the growing problem of conformity.  Movies can make these people seem unique and successful in their own way, which may lead more people to create their own path.  It is important to see that success comes in many forms.  People conform to find success, but in reality success can be found in other ways.  Success can be achieved by finding your own path and living a life that brings happiness to you and others.  Money and tangible items lure people to follow conformity, but these things should not trump the value of finding your own path.  This point is a deeper dive into one aspect of the movie, but I think it is extremely important.


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