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blog post 11/30

Dear White People offers a new perspective into issues that are still pertinent in today’s society. I personally thought that it was a very effective way of bringing up the conversation on race. In this class we have learned that media plays a large role in contributing to stereotypes, but also has the power to be a great tool at fighting against these stereotypes. It is a less direct way that leaves people more receptive to ideas.

In the same way, the way this film is delivered contributes to its effectiveness. The movie was direct and allowing its message to be clear and prominent. Although I usually don’t like when movies have cliches, I think that they were important to what this movie is trying to get at. Without education, these situations and cliches are very plausible, and attention needs to be brought to the systematic racism in these instances.

I personally think this was a very strong film. Set on a college campus, it is very relevant to our lives as college students and provides more education on how we can avoid unconsciously adding harm. Its power is keeping an important conversation relevant, and addressing it in a receptible manner. It made me want to look into more movies like this to continue educating myself. I went to a boarding school that the student population was not very racially diverse. This was also reflected in the teacher population and was a conversation that we had as a school. It makes me wonder about hiring faculty, and accepting students, and whether race was brought into that decision.


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  1. Kathrine Yeaw Kathrine Yeaw

    I also thought this film was very effective in presenting racism issues that are still very prominent today. Like you said, the fact that it was set on a college campus makes it that much more relatable. I also think it’s important to think about how to make places like school more racially diverse, or what makes a school not very diverse in the first place.

  2. Sofia Adams Sofia Adams

    I also loved the films directness and clarity with their message. I think as college students it is important for us to take an initiative in learning about the experience other groups of people besides ourself have in college. I also think the film shows the importance of continuing to foster a truly inclusive community on campus where friend groups are diverse and people of different ethnicities, religions, socio-economic backgrounds, etc can mingle.

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