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Blog Post for 11/30/20-Zachary Andrews

Overall I found the movie Dear White People to be very interesting because of its significance in modern-day society.  On top of that, I found the movie’s topic of injustice within the university regarding race and culture to be very powerful. Something that was briefly mentioned in the film was about how the Dean and the President of the university both attended school together. The Dean graduated with honors whereas the President of the university barely graduated yet he has the superior job simply because he is white. I understand that the movie overly emphasized some of the racial aspects seen on college campuses and in other places but it is very unfortunate that many people get more prestigious jobs simply because they are white. Within the job market, white people also tend to make more money even when they work in the same position as a black person. It is unfortunate and unbearable that after years and years of fighting, arguing, protesting, and recognizing problems within our society, that we have not fixed this national problem. This is something that needs to stop because if it does not, then the United States will continue to divide based upon race.

I found this movie to be very relatable because my high school was not racially diverse whatsoever. Numerous events that attacked other races happened that led to students not feeling comfortable at school as well as expulsions for those who were involved. Other students and I ended up inviting in a group of people to attempt to fix our community as well as not be as bias. The problem was that the school board did not like the idea, rather they preferred to sweep the issues under the rug. My group eventually united with my high school’s Black Student Union as well as other groups and together we urged the school to do something about the problem. They then claimed that there was a lack of funding and that the school couldn’t pay for it. In response, we funded the event ourselves to show the school that this was something that the community needs and that they need to listen to their students. Fortunately, the things that happened at my high school were nowhere near as racist as the events in the movie Dear White People.

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