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Post 11/11

The Gore vs. Bush election has some extra significance to the election that is still going on today.  Lawsuits and court battles are keeping Trump and his team in the race when the election is all but over.  The Gore vs. Bush election came down to tight margins in Florida, but the Republican held the supreme court.  The court essentially decided the election by voting against a proper count of all votes.  The politically driven court should not be the deciding factor in an election, because all votes should be counted.  The idea that every vote should be counted is simple, yet somehow was put into question again this year.  The Trump campaign team tried to call for all votes to stop being counted even though it was established that late mail in votes would be counted in many states. When it comes down to it all that matters in the election is that the correct candidate is chosen based on the people.  The supreme court denied Gore and the American people the right to a fair election, because of petty politics.  It is important that lawsuits do not overtake this election, and the American people get to choose the president, because in the end that is what democracy is all about.  

Zinn discusses the flaws of attacking terrorism as if it was a clear enemy.  Violence should not be retaliated with more violence if possible.  Bush killed millions of civilians in Afghanistan, because of his approach to the untraditional war.  The media played a major role in the times surrounding 9/11 and the war on terror.  Some news sources hid the fact that more people were being killed out of vain, because of the national pride it brought to many people.  Other news sources, however, showed the point of view coming from injured civilians in Afghanistan.  It is important for the media to not provide biased information that alters the minds of American citizens, so having new sources with opposing viewpoints such as Fox and CNN is important.

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  1. Kayla O'Connell Kayla O'Connell

    I found it interesting that different media sources had different narratives of the truth. Our media can choose the narrative that they think would be most appealing to the American people. In a world where “fake news” can quickly spread on the internet, it’s important that we have media sources that do not have bias when reporting the facts.

  2. Sophia Picozzi Sophia Picozzi

    I also noticed the parallel between this election and the Gore/Bush election in the 90s, and it kind of scared me for the future of the 2020 election. It also made me think about the electoral college and whether it should be put into their hands to determine the president when the popular vote says something completely different. Where is the democracy in this?

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