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Blog post for 10/26

These poems by Langston emphasizes inequality in America during the Harlem Renaissance. These poems write stories of black men in American society and their struggles. The points of view in the poems help the reader understand the experiences of a black man to a deeper and more personal level. These poems made me feel overwhelmed with emotions and sadness to see that someone had to go through this. It is also shocking that some of the problems that are relevant throughout the poems are still prevalent in the world today.

In the poem “I, too,” Langston Hughes discusses the perspective of a black man in America fighting for equality. He uses the metaphor as a black man sitting at a separate dining table in a white household. Throughout the poem, he switches to the tone of a black man fighting for himself saying next time he is segregated he is going to stand up for himself and not let the white people in the house dictate where he sits. This poem is a metaphor for how black people are treated and how black contributes to American culture. 

In the poem “Theme for English B,” Langston Hughes writes about how he is is the only black person in his school class. This shows that the speaker is surrounded by people who have similar interests and intelligence. He discusses how even though he is black he still likes to do the same things that white people like to do. This emphasizes the idea that black and white people should be treated equally.

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  1. Olivia Cranshaw Olivia Cranshaw

    I also thought the poem “I, too” was one of his most emotional and moving pieces in the collection we had to read. Hughes’ use of the metaphor, as you stated, makes the reader want to take action against the injustices he presents in his poetry.

  2. Sofia Adams Sofia Adams

    While reading this poem I too was deeply sadden and disheartened. It only make my anger and sadness worth when reflecting on what America looks like for African American’s today. It is sad that they are still fighting their battle for equality all these years later. It just makes the poems even more meaningful.

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