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Blog Post 10/19

In Zinn’s chapter titled “A People’s War” I read and learned a lot about the history of American government. On top of this, I learned that the United States not only promotes the support of right winged governments outside of America, but we go as far as to say that we identify with a lot of conservative customs. For example, we continue to use the United States Constitution as a major resource for shaping policy. The Constitution and countless other major documents that still hold relevance in America today reference spiritual and religious views. While I had never done so before, I quickly realized that I think Zinn is right about our direct affiliation with the right in a multitude of avenues. Then when I thought about the the religious aspect of our nations history, I realized that it seems as though the conservative christian man is the epitome of what America stands for. Not immigration, or diversity. Not half of the things we claim to stand for. This was eye opening to me and really helped me grasp the reality that is often hidden from Americans.

We also read an excerpt from Martin Luther King Jr. This too sparked reflection in me. The Civil Rights Movement is remembered by Americans as a triumph for black people. As a time of great change. I think it is evident not a ton of change has been made. I was able to connect this piece to the chapter in Zinn because they are both examples of areas in which our country  has been able to manipulate the memory we have of certain events. Not many people look at the movement as a failure. Not many people look at America as a conservative affiliated nation. Yet they so clearly are both of those things. I really wonder what else we have a misconception of and what we can do to help change the false narratives we have in our minds.

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  1. Julia Borger Julia Borger

    Both PHUS and the article forced me to shift my perspective on the topic of the Civil Rights Movement as well. I found it hard to believe that what I was reading was what I had learned about for many years in school- it seemed like such a stark contrast and everything was so negative compared to what I had remembered. I continue to be amazed by historical concepts I think I have a strong grasp on only to find out I really only know one side of the story.

  2. Tess Keating Tess Keating

    I agree about what you said about the constitution. I sometimes wonder how we base our country around something written so long ago so much has happened since it was written.

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