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10/14 Post

I think there is a very interesting relationship between “The Yellow Wall-Paper,” and the videos about women’s suffrage in America.  “The Yellow Wall-Paper” shows the negative effects of forcing people into isolationism.  I find it interesting how the narrator of “The Yellow Wall-Paper” emphasizes how women can feel as if they are trapped behind metal bars.  I think it is interesting how this connects to the women’s suffrage movement.  The inability to vote and express personal opinions in society can give off the feeling of being trapped.  I see this as the major reason why women were able to unite across the country to try to create a better world for women to come.  The video’s show how difficult this was, but after reading “The Yellow Wall-Paper,” I see why this movement was absolutely crucial for all women in America.

The video’s talk about how the constitution never explicitly stated women could not vote or have the same rights as men.  The 15th amendment debatably set women back a step by allowing black men to vote before women.  I personally see this as another step towards equality for everyone, but I see how this could be worrisome.  This concept makes me wonder about the comparison between the female equality issues and racial equality issues.  Black men were able to vote before women, but how does this impact inequality today.  In theory, this would lead people to believe black men would have an advantage in today’s society over women, because they received more rights earlier on.  Based on a Pew Research study on gender and race wage gap ( ) black men do not out-earn white women in America today.  This makes me believe that females have more rapidly overcome inequality than racial minorities in America.  We definitely have work to do in achieving equality for all groups, so it is important to understand what is happening in America today in order to achieve a greater America for both females and racial minorities.

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  1. Jeffrey Sprung Jeffrey Sprung

    I agree that the metaphor of the yellow wall-paper in the story “The Yellow Wall-Paper” was very interesting as it effectively illustrated women’s feelings of being trapped due to their role in society before they gained the right to vote in 1920. The narrator in the “The Yellow Wall-Paper” struggles to find her identity, which exemplifies the negative effects of society forcing women into isolation.

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