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9/23 Post

Chapter seven of Zinn’s book pertains to the atrocities committed by Andrew Jackson in response to Indian Tribes being in the way of American expansion.  This is yet again another example of how so many history books see the past through tinted lenses.  Up until today I saw Andrew Jackson as a positive figure in American history that contributed to the expansion and progression of America.  Andrew Jackson is even on the twenty dollar bill!  I see Andrew Jackson’s face almost everyday, and I am just now learning that he killed thousands of Native Americans for an indecent cause.  There were many Native Amercians that were ready to assimilate and coexist with the expanding Americans, yet Andrew Jackson still encouraged Americans to essentially take land and kick the Native Americans out.  I find it very interesting how each of Zinn’s chapters have connections to each other, and they all share a common theme of inequality and injustice.  


Andrew Jackson blatantly killed and pushed the Native American tribes away from the territory they previously held, yet these parts of American history are oftentimes pushed aside.  This chapter from Zinn’s book, and every chapter prior to this one has collectively brought me to a conclusion.  The American education system must be reformed to have a more balanced teaching of American history.  We learned all about how bad Nazi Germany was, and all about the atrocities committed by Stalin, yet America is seen as a morally and ethically superior country in many aspects.  I would question who is pushing for America to be seen in such a positive light, and why is this misinterpretation of history happening?  Is America better off now that its citizens feel the country is morally superior?  I genuinely do not know why the teachings of American history are so flawed, but I believe education reform in America is of the utmost importance.

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  1. Julia Leonardi Julia Leonardi

    I agree the American education system needs a major revamp. I am just so glad that the 20 dollar bill is now being changed to Harriet Tubman. It is great to see something so amazing like that happen, but there’s been a major pushback for it to be done in 2028, which is almost a slap in the face to the people who have been waiting for a change like this. I hope that this will be the start of a lot more fundamental changes in the American system.

  2. Charley Blount Charley Blount

    There are glaring issues with the way history is taught in schools in the United States. Improvements are necessary, but I don’t think there is a solution to this problem. it is impossible to tell history without bias, and Zinn’s textbook is no different.

  3. Tess Keating Tess Keating

    I find it interesting that society as a whole lets the good of what Andrew Jackson did outweigh the bad. Yes, he did good things to help western expansion, but it is 2020, I feel like at this point we should be acknowledging the bad things he did too, and not rewarding him anymore (by having him on the $20 bill).

  4. William Coben William Coben

    I am struggling to comprehend that we as a people continue to allow the good that andrew jackson did outweigh the bad. While his expansionist views were vital to the founding of cour country, his genocidal policy should be enough to remove his face from our currency system.

  5. Alexander Barnett Alexander Barnett

    I agree, If our education actually exposed the flaws of our country, I feel that people would actually be more encouraged to commit to change. But since they are taught that we are the best country and the world and all we do is help other, a lot of people think that there aren’t any problems worth fixing.

  6. Carly Cohen Carly Cohen

    I agree and find it so fascinating how historians and so many history books can get away with telling very small parts of the truth. Andrew Jackson was not the man I previously thought he was, and that has been a common theme throughout the novel. I totally agree that the American education system must be amended.

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