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9/6 Post Carly Cohen

The three readings and podcast four really opened my eyes to how many memories are associated with food and how much food affects our culture. For me personally, food is in the center of everything. It is part of my identity and makes up my personal culture. I base when I do things around where and when I am eating, and a lot of important moments and accomplishments have been celebrated with food. All of my memories that involve food are happy ones. For many people this is also the case, but for some it is the opposite.  

Unfortunately, due to slavery and the kidnapping of African Americans during early times, it is hard for many blacks to trace back there ancestory. However, through food, oftentimes they feel a connection to their families and culture. In the reading No More Whistling Walk For Me we learn that, “today’s American food culture is a contested landscape in search of values, new direction, and its own indigenous sense of rightness and self-worth.” (page 6). This stands out to me because I am happy to hear that food for so many people is much more than what is on the plate. It stands for culture, happiness, values, and so much more. Food is also a significant part of history and has been shaped and advanced to become what it is today. I find it very special the way food can bring so many different people together to create memories that will last a lifetime. 

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  1. Sara Moushegian Sara Moushegian

    It is amazing hearing about how much food can mean to people’s lives. It can allow people to express themselves, feel connected to their culture, explore other cultures, and much more. Food is a powerful thing, and should be appreciated for more than its yumminess by more people! I was moved hearing how much culinary has allowed Twiddy to understand where he came from and shape who he is as a person. Although, it’s saddening to realize that he has to use food to feel connected to his roots since the majority of African American history was not documented to honor the black community but instead to elevate the white man.

  2. Elina Bhagwat Elina Bhagwat

    I also really enjoyed hearing about the importance of food to one’s personal cultural identity. I definitely relate to this being multicultural myself and I am also lucky that all of my memories that regard food have had a positive association to my culture. After reading some of Twiddy’s writing I was surprised to see how the association of food to culture can also be so negative and represent cultural appropriation when one’s heritage is taken when their dishes are changed and adapted.

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