Welcome back Spiders! We hope you had a restorative winter break. As you’ve likely noticed, there have been some major changes to the library since we last saw you. If you are having trouble finding your way around, you are not alone. Although it may feel like you are trudging across Mordor toward Mount Doom just to get the library, just remember, what Tolkien said: “Not all those who wander are lost.”


Library Access

The best doorway to enter the building and access the library is the side door with the long ramp. From there, take the staircase or elevator up to the second floor.

There is currently no access to the library from the first floor. To access the library, you must proceed to the second floor and use the doors next to the student mailboxes.

Follow the signs that say “Continue Through Here For Access To: Law Library.”


Reference Desk

The reference desk is now located at the top of the staircase on the 2nd floor.

Circulation Desk

The circulation desk is now through the doorway behind the reference desk. Just go through the doors to the front desk for access to course reserves and all your other circulation needs.


L171 & L172

The library classrooms are located on the first floor of the library. You must enter the library from the 2nd floor and proceed to the 1st floor by the staircase or elevator.


L101 & L102

L101 and L102 are actually just classrooms 101 and 102. They are not located in the library. To access them from the library, you will need to either 1. exit and re-enter the law school building from the front doors, or 2. go down the atrium staircase (follow signs toward Admissions to find the atrium).


Printers and Computer Help Desk

See this post for information about technology. 



Find the Library, the Reference Desk, and the Circulation Desk

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